Two New Goalball Players Brought On Board

As a big fan of goalball, I’m puzzled why the sport hasn’t caught on with more popularity among the general public. I mean coverage on the Fox Sports Network or ESPN and so forth. There’s so much to show as far as competitors’ athleticism like I’ve shown in previous posts.

Now with four goalballers making up one third of the USABA board of directors, we may have a greater opportunity to raise awareness in and beyond the blindness community. As the USABA article shows, these four athletes are currently competing which means that they represent a bigger voice for those actually engaged in rather than just administering the rules, awareness, and time preparation involved in each season’s activities. More than that, the two newest members of the board are still in their twenties. They’ll be around and influencing the decisions of USA Goalball, let alone paraolympic competition for years to come.

Check out the USABA article here: and look forward to more updates on the tournaments leading to the national championships to be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana in mid-July.

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