Sunday To Sunday for May 1, 2022

The readings for the third Sunday of Easter are Rev. 5:1-7  (8-14), Acts 9:1-22, and John 21:1-14 (15-19).

The blinding light for Paul on the road and the charcoal pit on Sea of Galilee’s shore for Peter brought full force recognition of their past denial of Jesus as Lord. Then, they were each brought to full faith, Peter restored by Jesus’ absolution and Paul visited by Ananias. For the same Jesus Christ, the Lamb who was slain, has died for us all to redeem us from our lack of faith. Thanks be to God for the ministry for the sake of the Gospel in which both Peter and Paul shared in following Jesus. Through their words written in Holy Scripture, we also praise Jesus Christ who opens the scroll to reveal eternal life to us who trust in Him for forgiveness and life as well.

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