Taking Blind Sports To the Public

Cheers to the Maryland School for the Blind in doing their athletics outreach. I love the fact that people from the general public got the opportunity to put on sleepshades, swing a bat when listening to a ball beeping while it got pitched their way. And no doubt folks got to see blind athletes getting their games on and loving it.

As we will cover in this week’s Myth Busting Monday, blind people do not necessarily live sad and depressed lives with a veneer of hopelessness. Events like this blind sports opportunity reveals to participants that we who are blind live passionately when it comes to things that make us successful. we have full-out fun competing against each other while showcasing those adaptations that help us run track and play beep baseball.

My hope is that the attendees of this great event came away with a new eagerness to learn more about the sports we play.

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