CBS Sets A Great Descriptive Standard

CBS gets it when describing their programs for us who are blind or visually impaired. Are you a fan of “Blue Bloods, “Survivor,” the NCIS series of shows, and even the latest “Star Trek” episodes? You can press a simple button and a voice will set the scene for you when characters on screen aren’t talking to each other.

The fact that CBS outpaces the Federal Communication Commission’s mandate for hours per weak shows their vested interest in having as many viewers as possible. Not only is this a good service for people who cannot see, it’s good for economic competition as well. You would think that since CBS has set the bar for hours of audio described programs, other networks would follow. After all, which big TV corporation wouldn’t want to take the lead in viewership over the others?

Here’s a video from the recent American Council of the Blind’s leadership meeting held on March 13 of this year. Joe Turrets, Vice-President for caption and descriptive services of Paramount Global, leads off this hour-long presentation. You can view it here:

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