Sunday To Sunday For March 13, 2022

The readings for the second Sunday in Lent are Jer. 26:8-15, Phil. 3:17-4:1, and Luke 13:31-35.

When Jeremiah spoke plainly about the judgment coming on Judah, the priests and other leaders refused to listen and told him to stop. How often do we get told the same thing when warning about the consequences of faithlessness? We so quickly become ashamed of our own words and clam up. Nevertheless, our Lord Jesus, who persisted on to His self-giving death on Calvary for us, restores our joy in His Word. He reminds us that because He didn’t waver on route to dying for our sins, we are citizens of His heavenly reign. So in the public square when defending our God-given liberties and His moral will for us, we uphold the truths that have been revealed even as we speak the certain hope we have in Him to anyone who calls us to account.

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