Being Not Ashamed To Be Different

I’m always encouraged by those can-do trailblazers who recover from the depths of despair to embrace their blindness. Jessi’s story is so compelling and can be a source of hope for us. In fact, let’s call her an example of being boldly blind.

Here’s the link.

After all, blindness doesn’t have to be a nuisance  when it presents us with such opportunities like speaking up for others who long for that job, those friends, that entertainment gig, or that confidence to go where so few of us have trod before.

Yes, we’ve known friends of ours who tried escaping their own depression or abusive circumstances by turning to destructive measures like illegal drugs and too much alcohol. Then, due to the intervention of a parent or teacher or friend, they grasp hold of the truth: Blindness is just part of us and life is a journey of taking its double edge blade by the handle to cut down those barriers to ways we, too,  can cope being boldly blind.

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