The Journey Resumes

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged here. Hence, with discussing my forthcoming novel (previous post), I am resuming the journey.

What can you expect? The world that most of us who are blind experience often overlaps with mainstream, workaday society. Hence, the news, stories, and tips I share here will show how blindness culture interacts with the world at large. Sometimes, this will involve discussions of politics, sports, and other angles on current events. We will address mobility issues ranging from guide dog travel to canes, asking the sighted public, for help-when and when not to.

My hope is to publish short, often flash, fiction from time to time which will show you the further adventures taken by people in the fictional town of Bryant, Nebraska, where my novel, Jag, takes place.

Eventually, I’d love to build in a podcast which can expand on posts by covering blindness news, tips, and trends more in depth than a short, written post can do.

Finally, being a blind Christian myself of the Lutheran variety, I plan to discuss the upcoming Sunday’s readings and apply them to our lives.

So the journey of being boldly blind resumes. I look forward to you joining me on it.

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