The Journey Begins

Being unable to see the world with my physical eyes is not so much a problem or difficulty as it is an adventure, a condition, a lifelong contour. Navigating the layout of computers takes adaptations like screen readers to say what I type and where stuff is on a page.

Navigating the world of church, home, and the great out-and-about involves using all kinds of adaptations: some of us follow guide dogs, others canes, and others a friend or passer-by’s arm. And, many of us get around using a combination of these methods.

If you’re blind, you either know or are learning about this challenging world of adaptation and advocacy. If you’re sighted, come along and see the ways people who are blind or visually impaired differ from one another, interact, and cope day by day.

I admit I’m an optimist who sees (yep, you can use that word when talking with someone who can’t) possibilities amid the challenges. That’s why I call life being blind an adventure.

As we embark together, here’s a further note: I respect folks’ beliefs and persuasions—religious, sexual, political—who agree or disagree with my own. Yet, the fact that I believe that God “has called me by the Gospel, enlightened me with His gifts…sanctifies and keeps me holy” with the whole Christian Church shapes my view on being blind.

Yes, having the condition involves sufferings of emotional, personal and spiritual dimensions. That’s life shouldering the cross we’re given to bear as we’re driven to fix our eyes on the cross by which our Lord Jesus purchased the world’s salvation.

Life from conception to natural death is precious and to always be defended with every fiber of our being. Along with beginning and end of life ethics, there’s the seeming “fly-over” territory of livelihood.

Yes, that’s supporting and befriending those who have any number of physical or mental conditions. We work, volunteer, go to church, watch TV, use iPhones, eat, socialize, write, sleep, date, marry, and love just as others do.

Ready to join the ride? Thought so. The adventure…starts…now!

One thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. Congratulations on this exciting new adventure! My best friend, Mary, was the first blind person I ever knew. She passed away several years ago, but I remember how she taught me and my children so much about living life well. She cooked, used a computer, read to my children from her Braille books, and even sang and danced in a community theatre production of Fiddler on the Roof. She was fearless and she did more than most sighted people.

    As a person with my own disabilities and challenges, I am looking forward to reading your encouraging and inspiring words.

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