Sunday to Sunday

Epiphany 7
February 24, 2019

The readings for the seventh Sunday after Epiphany are Gen. 45:3-15; 1 Cor. 15:21-26, 30-42; and Luke 6:27-38.

At first glance, Joseph had every right to hold a lifelong grudge against his brothers. They’d sold him into Egypt in revenge for Jacob, their father, treating him as his favorite son. Yet, as Joseph was humbled in heart (though promoted to become second only to Pharaoh) he forgave his brothers’ vengeful treatment.

We face rejection, heartache and discrimination every day. Those actions do hurt us to the core. We often react with angry emails, gruff speech, and sometimes physical confrontation. Friendships rupture. Families break apart. We rush to judge others’ actions. This ought not be. For the very Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who calls us to acknowledge our sin has taken it on Himself to death for the whole world. He calls us who died in Adam to trust His forgiving Word. For in Him we live assured of our heavenly reward. Jesus’ joy fills us with love for family, friends, and associates, that we help and befriend them in every need.