Amanda Denis and Lisa Czecowski Too Much For Minks to Handle

The name of the game this morning in Gym 1 was close games for the women’s play in the Northeast Regionals. Perhaps the most exciting game of the morning was that between the New Jersey Honeybees featuring ParaOlympians Lisa Czechowski and Amanda Denis vs. the Maryland Minks.

To be sure, the Minks put up a good defensive effort, but throughout the match, Denis’s scoring prowess was on full display as she is one of those do-it-all typ of players. Add to that the powerful shot of Checowski who really kicked up the scoring and blocks in the latter two thirds of the game. At the end, the Honeybees won 11-4.

Perhaps, somewhat a surprise on the men’s competition, the Manticores defeated the West Michigan Growlers 11-2.

For a complete rundown of scores from this morning go here.

Currently, the Monarchs from Ohio are playing the Atlanta Blazers with the Monarches on top 2-1 in half no. 1.

A Dog Guide Jamboree in San Francisco

Every guide dog school around the country has its day or days each year where they let the public onto campus and take a look around. It’s a time when puppy raisers, guide dog users, trainers, and staff celebrate their being a close-knit family amid the guide dog movement.

What if another organization wanted to build this kind of community among its guide dog users, volunteers, and the general public? . That’s what the San Francisco Light House is doing on April 29 with their dog guide jamboree.

It’s a celebration of the work dogs and their users do together. You can read more about this event here. Needless to say, between the obedience course, a dog treat bar, and a contest for decorating the harness, it looks so fun. Here’s an article that the San Francisco Lighthouse includeed on their blog. What’s more, the Dog Guide Jamboree takes place three days after International Guide Dog Day, April 26. Coincidence? I think not! So if you are in the San Francisco area maybe, you can check it out. Of course, San Rafael is not far away either. So to get even more of a glimpse at the work our well-trained furry pairs of eyes do for their users, pay them a visit, too.

Buhler, Buhler! And Buhler Stole The Show!

The final game of full commentary was not much of a contest after the first few minutes of the game. Wile both the Manicores and the Fuego began in quite the defensive struggle, it was the Manicore offense that carried the day led by ParaOlympian Zach Buhler.

While his teammates’ David Smith and Josh Wellborn carried a lot of the defensive blocks and side-outs, Buhler poured on the points. And when the game ended, the Manicores won 11-1 over the Fuego in a rout.

ParaOlympians’ Showdown Lived `Up To the Billing

With the match-up between Tyler Merren’s West Michigan Growlers and Daryl Walker’s King Cobra’s on the schedule, you know game would have to be good and it was! Another high-scoring affair didn’t start out so well for the Growlers as the King Cobras jumped out to a 3-0 lead behind the quick points by Daryl Walker.

Then Merren got going and that meant there’d be no rout or shut-out in favor of the King Cobras. In fact, behind the scoring of Merren and his teammate, Jaron Black, the Growlers took as large as a a four point lead in the scond half twice. While Antonio Rosier did his best to guard the King Cobra’s end, he could not stop the reign of goals.

The final score was Growlers 15-King Cobras 11.

Too Much Zion and Shawn Walker, and the DC Stars Get A First Round Win.

Normally, you’d think 8-7 would be a thrilling final score. But, that was not the case in the first round game between the DC Stars and the New York Empire at the U.S. Goalball Northeast Regional. That was halftime with the Empire ahead thanks to Tasheen Brown playing a do-it-all performance to that point.

Then hcame half #2 when Zion Walker’s defense and Shawn Walker’s scoring made the difference. Yes the Empire’s Suarez blocked a few shots at goal and deflected others out of bounds along with the help of Brown, the in the end it was DC to prevail.

Now we’re onto the King Cbras vs. the Growlers featuring ParaOlympians Daryl Walker vs. Tyler Merren. This going to really good, folks. Keep tuned into the USABA’s YouTube channel for more!

Northeast Regional for U.S. Goalball This Weekend

The goalball season is well underway and this weekend’s showdown in Westmont, NJ is truly going to be epic! Of course, you have the local Philly teams that always turn in a great showing and a team or two from Jersey. Then add the New York Empire plus nearly a dozen others and you’ve got the making of a great tournament.

Think about it! When you have ParaOlympians throughout their own home teams along with up-and-coming stars, you do not want to miss this competition!

You can follow the progress of the tournament here:


Goalball Tournament Diplay Interface

Goalball Tournament Diplay Interface

And the USABA YouTube channel will be featuring coverage as well.

Here’s a link to a previous tournament, the Southwest regional to get your appetite whetted for the goings on at 3:00 PM Eastern on April 14. Then, tune in all day Saturday and Sunday morning to see who’s hot, who’s not and who will be crowned champion!

The link for the Southwest Regionals is here:

A Quicker Way of Attaching Files

Hot keys are always helpful when we who are blind or low-vision work with the computer. For those of you who aren’t blind, these nifty little key commands are usually embedded in the tools anyone can use when writing an email, attaching a document, or sending a complex file for a progam manager’s approval. They often remain unknown because people who have good sight are accustomed to highlighting, clicking, and pointing with a mouse.

Still Freedom Scientific, the producer of Job Acces for Windows (JAWS) screen reading software regularly shares these hotkey tricks for the trade. Here’s a quicker way of attaching a file to an email.

Restarting Fitness Fridays

It’s the spring. The weather is warming up. So what a great time to resume with Fitness Fridays!

Now, if you’re new to the blog, you can go back and browse earlier posts and read up on what we’ve done with Fitness Fridays in the past. Today we’re taking a look at dumbbell workouts. And to help us, we consult a video that U.S. goalballer, Tyler Merren, did a few years ago.

Merren is also the inventer of the Revision Fitness App which we have also featured on her several places. I very much agree with his encouragement for us who are blind, low-vision, or otherwise physically disabled that proper attention to fitness is a big part of keeping a positive image about ourselves in relation to our disability. When we get up and get moving with whatever intensity of workouts, we build energy, focus, and confidence. We all need that as we face employment decisions, advocacy opportunities, and other daily endeavors.

So without further adieu, I present you this extended workout narrated by Tyler Merren. He discusses the importance of dumbbell workouts, the ready availability of dumbbells at the gym or to use at home. Sure, Merren narrated this video a few years ago. Yet, the exercises he leads are just as good today whether we’re regular Joe’s or Jo’s or elite athletes. If you aren’t up for all the exercises in the routine in the video yet, that’s no problem. Pick and choose which ones you will do to get started and build up from there each session you do.

Check it out here.

Living Blindfully Jonathan Mosen’s Latest Podcast

Anyone who has followed the career of Jonathan Mosen over the past twenty-five years has gleaned from his incredible wealth of technological knowledge. From his days On ACB Radio to a long-standing podcast, Mosen At Large and contributions to Main Menu, Jonathan has been a huge pillar int he blindness community. Now, he hosts Living Blindfully. And here is the first episode posted on April 9 of this year.

Of course, with many of Jonathan’s other endeavors, his programming has targeted people who are blind or low-vision. Yet, for those who are sighted, you can learn much more about the contours that shape our lives, advocacy concerns, and technological expertise on this latest gig.

One of the things you can’t miss when it comes to Jonathan Mosen’s style is his conversational delivery. He tries very hard to remain apolitical while discussing matters pertinent to the worldwide blindness community that do dip into political discussions.

Here again is a link to Living Blindfully’s first episode as posted on April 9. I hope you enjoy and will stick with this excellent podcast.

A growing Need, A Shortage Of Teachers

Did you know that there is a shortage of orientation and mobility instructors around the country? It’s true. With such a small amount of schools offering degrees that lead toward certification, there are more jobs open than there are graduates coming from schools like Western Michigan, San Francisco State, and Cal. State-Los Angeles.

Yet, the need still persist and is growing for said teachers. Take the League For The Blind in Fort Wayne. It and other centers for independent living want to employee mobility instructors for a long-term basis. Usually, each of these centers have budgets supporting one or, maybe, two teachers.

Yet, the need still persist and is growing for said teachers. Take The League for the Blind in Fort Wayne. It and other centers for independent living want to employ mobility instructors for a long-term basis. Usually, each of these centers have budgets supporting one or, maybe, two teachers.

That leads to each o&m instructor having a heavy case load, especially in the event alot of travel is required in a large city or a regional coverage that includes multiple counties.

No doubt the blindness community as a whole is in need of these specialists. As blinded veterans who have been injured in combat or military training go through rehabilitation at any of the several VA disability units, they will receive guidance that will teach them to get around their home environment whether they quickly find work or if they remain unemployed.

Perhaps, you know someone who has graduated with a degree in being a certified orientation and mobility services instructor. Steer them toward the ACVREP’s job openings webpage. Perhaps, you may be curious about what it takes to be an o&m instructor and the jobs available in the field. The ACVREP listing of jobs will take you to a site like this where you can see what qualifications and requirements are in place for a new mobility teacher. Believe me, the rewards of serving those who need orientation and mobility abound.