Cinco De Goalball Tournament This weekend!

Coming off their roll through the Northeast Regionals, the Manticores are ready to win another goalball tournament. Waiting for them this weekend are the NY Knights, The Fuego from San Antonio, the Rattle Snakes and the DC Corruption.

Here’s a great preview of the tournament first reported on Texas Adaptive Play Initiative Facebook page. You’ll be able to catch the tournament live game by game, too.

Yes, I know that ParaOlympian Tyler Merren says that goalball’s the best sport you’ve never heard of. And that’s very true. But, being boldly blind, supporting blind and low-vision athletes, let’s make goalball that much more well-known!

Team rosters for the weekend:

Cinco De Goalball Rosters

We’re excited to share the team rosters for the upcoming Cinco De Goalball tournament! Check out the list below to see who will be competing.

Austin Goalball:

Libby Daugherty

Miriam Larson

Brittany Breen

Coach- Nicki Larson

DC Corruption:

Lori Pierce

Karla Gilbride

Rosemary Martin

Texas Goal Getters:

Faith Penn

Sarai Hernandez

Yatziri Castillo

Idahni Barrera

Grace LNU

Texas Goal Diggers:

Demetria Ober

Talia Woodard

Makalia Lama


David Smith


Hector Lara

Daniel Brock

Jason Lubin


Joe Hamilton

Alex Williams

John Kusku

Shawn ransom

Texas Rattlesnakes

Jim Debus

Zach Arambula

Will Lopez

Ali G

The Knights:

Lamar Brown

Jahron Black

Dev Bullock


Josh Welborn

Davion P.

Jordan Main

With a whole new class of officials being certified this weekend as well!

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