Let’s Go With OKO!

I heard about this neat app yesterday on ACB Radio’s replay of Sunday Edition and had to do some digging. Yes, the OKO App is what everyone’s talking about. Lights, traffic camera, action! It’s supposed to detect them all. Just check out the website and take in the features including sound that might keep us on point when crossing busy intersections!

Of course, all of us to some degree or other, have a veer when crossing roads. Mobility instructors work with us to keep this veer to a minimum. Now, with the OKO app, we can stay within those boundaries of a crosswalk ourselves. I’d love to hear what you all think of this neat device. Being someone who’s considered himself the type that crosses roads only when I have to, maybe, this app will give me more confidence as I navigate street crossings and life’s contours boldly blind.

Oh, and for a video demonstration of this app, go here.

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