Amanda Denis and Lisa Czecowski Too Much For Minks to Handle

The name of the game this morning in Gym 1 was close games for the women’s play in the Northeast Regionals. Perhaps the most exciting game of the morning was that between the New Jersey Honeybees featuring ParaOlympians Lisa Czechowski and Amanda Denis vs. the Maryland Minks.

To be sure, the Minks put up a good defensive effort, but throughout the match, Denis’s scoring prowess was on full display as she is one of those do-it-all typ of players. Add to that the powerful shot of Checowski who really kicked up the scoring and blocks in the latter two thirds of the game. At the end, the Honeybees won 11-4.

Perhaps, somewhat a surprise on the men’s competition, the Manticores defeated the West Michigan Growlers 11-2.

For a complete rundown of scores from this morning go here.

Currently, the Monarchs from Ohio are playing the Atlanta Blazers with the Monarches on top 2-1 in half no. 1.

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