A Dog Guide Jamboree in San Francisco

Every guide dog school around the country has its day or days each year where they let the public onto campus and take a look around. It’s a time when puppy raisers, guide dog users, trainers, and staff celebrate their being a close-knit family amid the guide dog movement.

What if another organization wanted to build this kind of community among its guide dog users, volunteers, and the general public? . That’s what the San Francisco Light House is doing on April 29 with their dog guide jamboree.

It’s a celebration of the work dogs and their users do together. You can read more about this event here. Needless to say, between the obedience course, a dog treat bar, and a contest for decorating the harness, it looks so fun. Here’s an article that the San Francisco Lighthouse includeed on their blog. What’s more, the Dog Guide Jamboree takes place three days after International Guide Dog Day, April 26. Coincidence? I think not! So if you are in the San Francisco area maybe, you can check it out. Of course, San Rafael is not far away either. So to get even more of a glimpse at the work our well-trained furry pairs of eyes do for their users, pay them a visit, too. http://www.guidedogs.com

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