Too Much Zion and Shawn Walker, and the DC Stars Get A First Round Win.

Normally, you’d think 8-7 would be a thrilling final score. But, that was not the case in the first round game between the DC Stars and the New York Empire at the U.S. Goalball Northeast Regional. That was halftime with the Empire ahead thanks to Tasheen Brown playing a do-it-all performance to that point.

Then hcame half #2 when Zion Walker’s defense and Shawn Walker’s scoring made the difference. Yes the Empire’s Suarez blocked a few shots at goal and deflected others out of bounds along with the help of Brown, the in the end it was DC to prevail.

Now we’re onto the King Cbras vs. the Growlers featuring ParaOlympians Daryl Walker vs. Tyler Merren. This going to really good, folks. Keep tuned into the USABA’s YouTube channel for more!

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