Restarting Fitness Fridays

It’s the spring. The weather is warming up. So what a great time to resume with Fitness Fridays!

Now, if you’re new to the blog, you can go back and browse earlier posts and read up on what we’ve done with Fitness Fridays in the past. Today we’re taking a look at dumbbell workouts. And to help us, we consult a video that U.S. goalballer, Tyler Merren, did a few years ago.

Merren is also the inventer of the Revision Fitness App which we have also featured on her several places. I very much agree with his encouragement for us who are blind, low-vision, or otherwise physically disabled that proper attention to fitness is a big part of keeping a positive image about ourselves in relation to our disability. When we get up and get moving with whatever intensity of workouts, we build energy, focus, and confidence. We all need that as we face employment decisions, advocacy opportunities, and other daily endeavors.

So without further adieu, I present you this extended workout narrated by Tyler Merren. He discusses the importance of dumbbell workouts, the ready availability of dumbbells at the gym or to use at home. Sure, Merren narrated this video a few years ago. Yet, the exercises he leads are just as good today whether we’re regular Joe’s or Jo’s or elite athletes. If you aren’t up for all the exercises in the routine in the video yet, that’s no problem. Pick and choose which ones you will do to get started and build up from there each session you do.

Check it out here.

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