ParaOlympians’ Showdown Lived `Up To the Billing

With the match-up between Tyler Merren’s West Michigan Growlers and Daryl Walker’s King Cobra’s on the schedule, you know game would have to be good and it was! Another high-scoring affair didn’t start out so well for the Growlers as the King Cobras jumped out to a 3-0 lead behind the quick points by Daryl Walker.

Then Merren got going and that meant there’d be no rout or shut-out in favor of the King Cobras. In fact, behind the scoring of Merren and his teammate, Jaron Black, the Growlers took as large as a a four point lead in the scond half twice. While Antonio Rosier did his best to guard the King Cobra’s end, he could not stop the reign of goals.

The final score was Growlers 15-King Cobras 11.

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