Northeast Regional for U.S. Goalball This Weekend

The goalball season is well underway and this weekend’s showdown in Westmont, NJ is truly going to be epic! Of course, you have the local Philly teams that always turn in a great showing and a team or two from Jersey. Then add the New York Empire plus nearly a dozen others and you’ve got the making of a great tournament.

Think about it! When you have ParaOlympians throughout their own home teams along with up-and-coming stars, you do not want to miss this competition!

You can follow the progress of the tournament here:


Goalball Tournament Diplay Interface

Goalball Tournament Diplay Interface

And the USABA YouTube channel will be featuring coverage as well.

Here’s a link to a previous tournament, the Southwest regional to get your appetite whetted for the goings on at 3:00 PM Eastern on April 14. Then, tune in all day Saturday and Sunday morning to see who’s hot, who’s not and who will be crowned champion!

The link for the Southwest Regionals is here:

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