Living Blindfully Jonathan Mosen’s Latest Podcast

Anyone who has followed the career of Jonathan Mosen over the past twenty-five years has gleaned from his incredible wealth of technological knowledge. From his days On ACB Radio to a long-standing podcast, Mosen At Large and contributions to Main Menu, Jonathan has been a huge pillar int he blindness community. Now, he hosts Living Blindfully. And here is the first episode posted on April 9 of this year.

Of course, with many of Jonathan’s other endeavors, his programming has targeted people who are blind or low-vision. Yet, for those who are sighted, you can learn much more about the contours that shape our lives, advocacy concerns, and technological expertise on this latest gig.

One of the things you can’t miss when it comes to Jonathan Mosen’s style is his conversational delivery. He tries very hard to remain apolitical while discussing matters pertinent to the worldwide blindness community that do dip into political discussions.

Here again is a link to Living Blindfully’s first episode as posted on April 9. I hope you enjoy and will stick with this excellent podcast.

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