Adaptive Sports: Ready, Set, Go!

Are your brackets busted or still thriving? Yes, as the college basketball season winds down and we fans can’t wait to see who is crowned champion, many adaptive sports are in full swing or heating up.

We feature a lot on here about sports like goalball, beep baseball, and other paraolympic activities for a great reason. We’ve got our athletic heroes and models in the blindness community just as fans do anywhere else. We also may try our hand at doing some adaptive sport ourselves from time to time. What a way to stay fit, alert, and primed for the rest of our lives!

For me, the fun is in running and weightlifting. No, I’m not a top performer myself. Yet, I love listening to the motivational advice and tips from such athletes as Tyler Merren who is the creator of the Revision Fitness App. I read a lot of articles on training regimens so that, even at age fifty-one, I’m still setting personal goals and challenging myself to be as in shape as possible. My competitive juices flow over the chessboard. Look for more about how we who are blind can and do play chess in the next post.

At The Blind Guide blog, Ed Henkler gives an excellent overview of adaptive sports-and not just the games like goalball and track but extreme sports like whitewater rafting. He mentions several paraolympic luminaries as well. Check it out here and see how he features the work that seven time goalball paraolympian, Jen Armbruster, encourages people in her community to stay fit through sports. Check out the numerous links to resources for you who may just be getting started or are searching for which sport might interest you.

What a joy it is to get up and get moving as we navigate life’s contours boldly blind.

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