Public Health Emergency To End?….Finally!

President Biden has announced that in May the public health emergency will come to an end. What that means for public access, we will find out. Will all mask mandates cease? Will a reduction in COVID testing sites take place?

No doubt we who are totally blind or have low-vision also have our questions, too. Will the NIH continue working with our advocates to ensure ongoing efforts to make medical testing equipment accessible so that we can use it ourselves? Will COVID information lines continue fielding our questions? How will we be sure that conferences and other public gatherings account for attendees who have had COVIDor will accommodations return to prepandemic measures?

You will want to attend a webinar discussing these and other concerns. After all, whether we have expressed fears about vaccines and masking up or not, we will want to enhance our awareness of the disability community’s future following the era of pandemic.

So mark the date, March 15, from 11:00 AM-12:00 Eastern so you can qattend this presentation by the Indiana Department of Health. And even if you are not from Indiana, still come. After all, what affects Hoosiers regarding COVID also affects everyone else.

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