Calling All Dog Lovers and Friends! Volunteer for a guide dog school near you.

Have you ever wanted to help out caring for dogs, whether you have one at home or not? The various guide dog schools around the country count on the enthusiastic cadre of volunteers that lift up the heads, hearts, hands and health of those forming pups into working companions for people who are physically disabled.

Whether you stuff envelopes for financial campaigns and event invitations or if you give the pups themselves some needed play time, serve as a puppy raiser or speak as an advocate for the guide dog movement in schools, you become a big partner for those training pups to be guides for us who are blind or have low-vision.

One of the amazing events to witness is a graduation from a guide dog school. There, surrounded by alumni with their dogs, perspective students, many volunteers who help on and off campus, and school staff, you get to see just how many people pour their hearts and life into bringing puppies into their four-legged, guiding adulthood. Then more than your heart can be warmed as you explore the possibility of lending your time and support.

Check out these upcoming volunteer opportunities in February and March for some of the guide and service dog schools around the country. Whether you are blind or sighted yourself, you will be welcomed as a part of a loving, compassionate, energetic community.

February 15: Becoming a Leaderdogs for the Blind Breeder Host
February 25, 2023: Guide Dogs of America volunteer orientation

Also check out these volunteer opportunities:
Tampa area with Southeast Guide Dogs
Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Yorktown Heights, NY
Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA
Guide Dogs of the Desert, Palm Springs, CA

Of course, Boldly Blind is always looking for similar volunteer information from any other school to post.

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