A New Way To Vote Independently In Indiana!!!

It’s official here in the State of Indiana! Whether you want to vote on Election Day in-person or you opt for absentee measures, you now have the ability to cast your ballot independently. After the Indiana Disability Rights group won their settlement here, people in the blindness community who have trouble getting to the polls now can use secure technology that links their home computer with the local board of elections so their vote can count.

Of course, time will tell how many more people will make their choices known at the ballot box in the future. News of this kind of advancement travels slowly and often person to person. The point is that election boards across our State will count more of our ballots than ever before. This doesn’t, of course, increase the legality of people who can vote. People who are blind or have low-vision have been able to vote in any election for decades. Now, with the technology in place, as it is in many other States, voting is that much more accessible to us.

Check out this press release from Indiana Disability Rights for yourself. This truly is an achievement to celebrate!

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