Honoring Bobby Silverstein

It’s been thirty-two years since the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act (1990) Whether you believe it to still be a power-packed contour for us who are blind or you consider its legislation as coming up short of expectations, you must admit that the ADA has had a huge impact on American livelihood, especially in the workplace and affecting public accommodations.

As such, we recognize the legacy of one contributor to the ADA, Bobby Silverstein. You can read here more about Silverstein’s work with regard to the ADA and other efforts to better the lives of us who are physically or developmentally disabled.

Often, it takes the staff behind the legislator to get the Representative or Senator to vote as he or she does. So while serving in Washington, DC, Silverstein worked with plenty of legislators and their committees to craft legislation designed for the betterment of the disability community.

Now as we stand on the shoulders of advocates like Bobby Silverstein, we keep advocating for better web access, small and large accommodations for employees who are disabled, and the public welfare for all.

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