Blind Sports Week

With the change of the leaves and summer into fall comes the new school year. And with the new school year comes the next cycle of amateur sports for all grade levels…and adults. We’re not just talking school sports but the resumption of blind sports like goalball, track and field, preseason workouts for wrestling, judo and swimming.

So what better way to get the blood pumping and enthused than blind sports week? You don’t have to live in Colorado Springs, CO where the USABA is based or in Fort Wayne, IN where the paraolympic goalball team trains to get involved. Blind sports week will feature activities all over the country related to the many adaptive sports we’ve featured on here over the past few months. Yes, blind and low-vision people can and do play sports like anyone else. We enjoy the feel of that track or treadmill beneath our feet. The smell of leather, lockers, and iron dumbbells at a gym gets me pumped for the fray.

So check out the week of activities from Oct. 3-8  both in person and via the web sponsored by the United States Association of Blind Athletes. Go here for more information whether you yourself are an athlete, fan, or parent of an athlete. And always, go, USA!

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