Fitness Friday: United In Stride

Running has always been one of my ways of keeping fit. One of the first questions I am sure to answer when moving is where I can find the nearest treadmill. And usually within a few days, I go, sign up, and get logging in those miles…running in place.

There’s nothing wrong with running in place, adjusting the little buttons for speed and incline. It helps shed the pounds, keeps our heartrate healthy and puts us in a great mood.

But I’ve always enjoyed those times when I can stretch my legs on a path, road, or actual track. I used to do this more often in college years ago. And, now, with the help of United In Stride, running outside, training for 5K’s and 10K’s may very well be possible again.

Maybe, you would be interested in this fantastic organization that matches blind runners and sighted guides.

For those of you who can see, a verbal and visual tutorial on the homepage can give you the basics of being a sighted guide. For us who are blind, resources show us the ways in which we can be guided along a course. Some people only need verbal directions on the spur of the moment. Others of us need tethered to our guide with a rope or cord wrapped around our waste or wrist.

Looking at the site, I’m impressed to see how casual fitness buffs to paraolympic sprinters use the services offered by United In Stride.

All you need for signing up is to enter your user name, email,  and password; your name; phone number; and location. That will give you a profile along with your best guess at how slow or fast you  run per mile. There are places to discuss your past athletic involvement and interests.

So perhaps, as you want to meet new friends, gain someone in your corner who knows the ropes (literally) of guiding and want to have fun keeping fit in the elements, here’s your opportunity.

United In Stride is sponsored by the Massachusetts Association of Blind Athletes and has members all over the country. I hope this will give you the impetus to get in stride and keep in shape along with me as we navigate life’s contours together.

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