Tuesday Tips: Cleaning Kitchen Counters

Today, we return to the kitchen for Tuesday Tips. It’s always easiest to clean countertops when we who are blind can remove as many errant obstacles from the path our hand and wash rag will take. This is especially true when cleaning up one whole area to the left or the right of the sink. Of course, if you are just wiping up a smaller spill in a contained area, you don’t have to shift everything for the moment.

The key point is orientation and knowing how best to thoroughly remove all sticky stuff, crumbs and trash from your counter. That’s why it’s best to work along a grid pattern.

So first, move your coffee maker, soap dispenser,, and so forth to a safe area elsewhere in your kitchen or temporarily onto the table. Then, either into the sink or into your open palm, sweep the loose crumbs, coffee grounds and trash so you can dump them in the trash can before the next step.

When that’s done, lightly soap your rag, making sure it’s not too sopping wet. My wife and I joke about it not being able to leak excess water. Then, in straight line strokes vertically and then horizontally, wipe down your counter space. Repeat this pattern two or three times when rinsing and then drying the surface.

Then you can replace the appliances and containers, making sure that they aren’t covered in dust, crumbs, or grounds themselves. If they are, lightly wash them and rinse particularly their bottom sides before setting them into place.

In this way, you will continue having a clean and safe area wherein you can cook and prepare food. Believe me, I know how much a pain it is to work in an area I haven’t kept up by these simple methods.

And without sounding pedantic, we who are blind do have the disadvantage of not seeing residue that our family members and guests can. Plus, keeping the kitchen clean in this way is bound to help your overall positive outlook as you will find ways and times to straighten up other areas of your house or apartment.

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