Back From a Week’s Hiatus

Good late Saturday evening to you all. I know that it’s been a few days since a post has gone out. That’s because I have been on a brief hiatus, working on re-editing Jag and a few other matters that required my time and attention.

But, now, I’m very thankful to return to this forum to give you ongoing, up-to-date insights into the blindness community personalities, events, and trends. I am continuing to look at the podcast and improving it so that no one has to subscribe to Spotify to listen but you will be able to click a link and get the episodes.

In short, it’s continuing to be a joy raising awareness of our capabilities as blind people and the adaptations we make while among those of us who are blind giving encouragement for navigating life’s contours.

So, now that posts will be returning, check in, read, and stay tuned! Also, check the subscription field if you’d like to follow this blog.

And, as always be boldly blind or, if sighted, join us in being informed!

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