Low-Vision, Learning, And Writing? Here’s some help.

The technology is there!

That’s one of the recurring themes we at Boldly Blind wish to convey when talking adaptations and accessibility, and the latest post from Perkins E-Learning perfectly illustrates this point. Check out how the Writing Wizard can help teachers of the visually impaired (TVI’s) and families whose children are low-vision. Putting apps like this into use will help us advocate for better mainstreaming conditions when striving to keep pace with fully sighted peers. The cost of this app also makes it attractive. While a $4.99 charge purchases the full version, a free download exposes teachers and students alike to the potential improvement they will experience in literacy. Perhaps, this factor will help quell the fears held by many teachers in the mainstream classroom and school administrators that accommodating students with print disabilities is a financially expensive venture. Whether during an IEP or meeting with an individual teacher, parents can make their case for their child’s inclusion in classroom activities by showing the ease with which adaptive software interacts with this simple writing app.

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