Myth Busting Monday: We who are blind do not always need someone who’s sighted to speak for us in public.

In this episode of the Boldly Blind Podcast, we tackle the myth held by many that if they see someone sighted with us in public they should address that person instead of us directly. Truth: We are capable of answering a cashier’s questions, ordering food at the counter, and many other public interactions our selves. Check the reasons why people who are sighted travel or hang out with others at the mall or a restaurant and you’ll see us doing the same for the very same reasons.

If you who are sighted are with a friend or relative who’s blind, encourage that cashier, ticket agent, or waitress to speak to them directly instead of through you. This will give that person who’s blind the dignity of speaking for themselves and it will show others who are sighted that they can be at ease treating your blind friend like they would anyone else.

Take a listen to this episode and join in busting the myths.

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