Giving Back By Running, A Mother and Daughter’s Story

I know it’s not Fitness Friday yet. But, I couldn’t help but share this story that John DiMarco posted over at the Blind and Visually Impaired Friends group on Facebook. This mother and daughter duo are raising money in a national challenge sponsored by the National Braille Press and it’s not just the first or only running they do.

Besides encouraging our drive to get up and get moving in this post-pandemic world, the article shows two blind people litterally navigating life’s contours while bringing awareness to people who can see of their capabilities and the adaptations they continue to make.

Of course, not everyone is a Terri or Marley. We all have our own spin and nuances when doing blindness in public. We don’t have to achieve heroic feats to be boldly blind, but said feats and the people that accomplish them can certainly motivate each of us in our own life’s journey.

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