Sunday To Sunday for April 10, 2022

The readings for Palm/Passion Sunday are Deut. 32:36-39, Phil. 2:5-11, Luke 22:1-23:56, and John 12:20-43.

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt, the crowds cried, “Hosanna!” which means: “God, save us.” They’d followed Jesus and heard his preaching, yet they still wondered what kind of kingdom or reign He was about to bring. They’d find out five to seven days later as Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised to death for us. It’s easy to fix our eyes on what’s in front of us-hoped-for resolution to our difficulties, anxieties and fears. The crowd following Jesus may have thought He was about to lead the way to kicking the Romans out of power. But He whose reign is not of this world came to conquer sin, death, and hell by crucifixion before opening His everlasting life to us by rising from death that first Easter morning.

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