Planned Updates On The Blog

Every blogger knows that the secret to surviving, let alone growing his brand, is knowing when to add more stuff and knowing when to keep on doing what he’s doing. That’s why I want to make Boldly Blind a community wherein we help each other navigate life’s contours. So here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to see over the next few weeks as I post and work behind the scenes.

  • A subscription block where you can add your email to get posts sent to your inbox.
  • Responses when you leave a comment following an article you read.

-A newsletter featuring online courses, social events, and blind sports’ notices all accessible to you on the web

-Encouragement to send ideas for blog posts and suggestions

– Improvement in the audio quality and frequency of podcast episodes. The next planned segment is this coming Monday’s installment of myth busting.

These next few days’ posts, you will read our weekly Thank-You Thursday, Fitness Friday, and Sunday To Sunday columns and more.

Until then, keep navigating life’s contours boldly blind or getting to better know those who are.

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