Sunday To Sunday for April 3, 2022

The readings for the fifth Sunday in Lent are Is. 43:16-21; Phil. 3:4b-7, 8-14; and Luke 20:9-20.

We often look to the past and compare the present to it as if the past held better fortune or tranquility. Or we may say, life was easier “back then.” Through His prophet, Isaiah, the Lord gave another reason for His people to know their past deliverance from Egypt. It foreshadowed the new thing He was doing to deliver them and the whole world from sin, death and the power of the devil. That new thing was sending His own Son to pay the penalty of death they and we deserve because of our disobedience. Through Jesus’ bloody suffering and death, God saves us to eternal life now and beyond the grave. For Jesus Christ is risen and so shall we.

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