Lenses, Magnifiers, And Scanners, Oh Yes! (gathered from a blog on low-vision)

Although I myself am totally blind, I find it helpful to be acquainted with devices that help people who have varying degrees of low-vision navigate the world around them. Often, people who experience some degree of vision loss but still have a manageable degree of sight, the general public so quickly overlooks their needs.

The linked blog post, therefore, can inform our friends who are low-vision about a whole range of choices in devices that can help them better glimpse printed tags at the supermarket, textbooks, and street signs, among many other things. You who read this blog and are fully sighted might see someone using one of these lenses, magnifiers, or scanners. So here’s to you being more aware of how said technology helps your friends and family members participate in the livelihood you share with them.

When competing in chess, for example, these lenses don’t give your opponent an advantage but adapt the game so they can see the board more clearly. If you’re in the office, you may see your co-worker using these devices to keep them on pace with the projects your team needs to accomplish. Rather than slowing them down, they make going about their work a smoother process.

The blog from which this post comes also deals with fitness, life as having low-vision, and techniques of making life more accessible.So check it out here:

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