Color Commentating Without Seeing The Colors. That’s Awesome With a Capital A.

Any of us sports fans love our commentators, play-by-play broadcasters and personalities like the late Jack Buck or the erstwhile fan fave, Dick Vitale. Many of us have walked into work or a family dinner repeating the excited phrases our favorite radio voice used to call the games we’ve listened to in the past day.

Maybe, we’ve even tried picturing ourselves sitting in the broadcast booth giving the run-down of stats or team histories involved in a big-time rivalry. Now, can you picture being a sports broad caster when doing blindness? How can someone call a basketball game without seeing the players, ball, or hoops? What makes someone give good color commentary, analysis of plays and statistics when he cannot view the game in front of him?

Well, let’s get acquainted with Bryce Weiler who’s sat in the broadcast booth at many basketball, soccer, and baseball games.

What makes him stand out is more than his enthusiasm for and knowledge of the games he helps call. It’s his advocacy for others who are blind or otherwise disabled to get involved in sports broadcasting. He shows himself to be boldly blind because he’s not just after his own advancement but bridging gaps that can make everyday life and careers a reality for those who can and can’t see.

Check out Bryce’s work with the Beautiful Lives Project, especially the feature on his ambitions as a sports broadcaster. He wants to create opportunities for people to experience careers and goals they previously never thought possible and for people who can see to recognize the things they can do instead of who they are not while being blind.

For more of Bryce’s work in action and interviews, go here:

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