Thanks To TuneIn

Blind and visually impaired sports fans no longer need to pay higher prices on Major League Baseball’s site to get major league coverage. That’s because coverage is free, unless of course you’re like me who loves the $9.99 premium content. Needless to say, if you can’t see the action on MLB.TV, you don’t need the subscription to its content.

Of course, we can discuss the merits of MLB’s audio-only option versus navigating TuneIn’s screens and links to find the team, schedule, or game you’re looking for.

My personal preference for the past few seasons has been TuneIn simply because there’s less abstract ads and info along the way. Here’s the simple instructions to find all the scheduled games for a given day. Oh, and the same goes for whatever sport you want to listen to like Pro Football or college basketball. Unfortunately, TuneIn doesn’t, or perhaps is prevented, from providing NBA coverage.

So, to find the baseball game of your choice:

  1. Go to
  2. Do a JAWS find for sports. Sometimes, the screen doesn’t cooperate and you have to find and hit the link twice.
  3. Do a Jaws find for baseball and enter.
  4. Once you’re on that page, type h until you get to the heading: Major League baseball. Arrow down and you’ll find links and icons to the games you want.

So, happy listening, especially if you’re catching up on games beyond what you can get via your radio.

And while we’re on the subject of such platforms as TuneIn, Alexa, and Echo, with their enhanced audio capabilities and memory storage, we who are blind or visually impaired have no less access to the same content that our sighted friends and relatives have when using them.

So, play ball! Get in the game! We’re boldly blind.

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