Tech Together Online

Many of us have the need to navigate the web these days. Sometimes, we want to find a store or online portal where we can shop. Maybe, we’re looking for that app for entertainment options or some other way of using our smart phone to identify objects around our homes. The world of adaptive technology is so broad that we may wonder where to begin or how to make sense of it all.

That’s why places like the San Francisco Lighthouse offer weekly courses to help you out. For this reason, too, we at Boldly Blind will be featuring these mini-training courses you can access on the web from wherever you live. If you are a sighted parent, teacher, or friend of someone who’s blind, you also can join in to be more familiar with the ways you can navigate life’s contours with us.

Here’s the link for the San Francisco Lighthouse’s course called Tech Together Online. I hope you, too, will sign up and enjoy it as much as I know I will.

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