Living Blind, Not Despite Our Blindness

Many of us have no doubt heard that well-intended compliment: “You do so well despite your blindness.” Now, for those who are sighted readers, I’m not meaning to diss or put you down personally if you yourself have said this very thing to someone. It’s natural to think this way since many in the general public perceive a lack of sight to be a bad thing.

The truth is that we who are blind learn to live with it, adapt to it, and, dare I say, embrace it as part of fabric that makes us who we are. Yes, being unable to drive can discourage us from time to time. Being questioned as to our capabilities to perform routine tasks of daily living like dressing ourselves, cooking our favorite meals, or knowing how to take our own medication can get really annoying. Hearing the myth for the two thousandth time that our other senses get better so as to compensate for our lack of sight makes even our eyes rol.

That’s why I post here the latest entry to the blog, My Blind Story. While I may take a more generous approach when considering the general public’s learned perceptions of us who are blind, I do like how she speaks of living with blindness. It’s part of her total person. She is a blind, working professional boldly joining in her culture’s rat race to partake of what it has to offer.

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