Keeping Up The Cane Skills While Also Owning A Guide Dog

One impression many blind and sighted people alike share is that when someone gets and uses a guide dog, they say “bye-bye” to their red-tipped, mobility cane. Well, as Mollie demonstrates on her YouTube video here, that’s not always-and I’d add-not usually the case.

There are times  when you need to get out and about with family who are allergic to your dog, so you leave him at home. Sometimes, you want to go swimming or to the gym and you know your dog whines or even barks when separated from you for whatever reason. Leave him or her to lay on the couch.

Even more importantly, as Molly demonstrates here, someone with a guide dog simply needs to keep up their cane skills, especially if they are considering their furry four-legged friend’s retirement. Sometimes, it’s best to take your guide dog with you while heeling him on the opposite side of your body from which he or she usually leads out in harness when getting you from place to place.

So, let’s take a walk with Molly. By the way, with her being a blind motivational speaker, I’d love to have her as a guest sometime on the podcast component I will soon add to Boldly Blind. For now, let’s enjoy this adventure with someone who shows herself to be navigating life’s contours with joy and confidence.

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