Plans For A Podcast

               I’d mentioned to some in person and on other forums that I’d eventually like to expand Boldly Blind into a podcast as well as a written blog. Well, today, I took a step toward that endeavor by researching what steps any podcaster needs to take before that first episode and what considerations we who are blind or visually impaired need to make.

After all, podcasts add that human voice to the milieu of written experiences and linked articles we’ve already begun to feature here. Interviews can expand on the topics we’ve begun to cover or they may bring in someone else’s story that gives even more life. So if we’re talking guide dog legislation, I could contact the office of a State Representative who’s sponsored a bill regarding service animals. Along with doing a write-up about fears a person who’s blind has about doing blindness in college, I could get a current student or certified vision rehabilitation counselor to talk about it.

Now, add to that fun the bumper music to enhance the vibe. Think of your favorite newsie or sports talk shows. They create the mood with some timely or topically oriented tune like Cold Play’s “Viva La Vida or Florida Georgia Line’s “This Is How We Roll.” It would be so cool to bring Boldly Blind into the mix of podcasts. So, tune in for updates as the next few weeks commence.

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