Weekly Plans

               Let’s call this late Sunday night post “Weekly Plans” since I’ll talk a bit about what I plan to research or explore in the world of blindness during the coming days.

One of the big areas I’ve not dabbled in much is audio description, particularly formy smart phone. Today was a big breakthrough in rekindling my desire to get more into audio description matters.

It started when I was playing around with my account on Paramount Plus. I noticed that, yes, on the TV or on any given smart phone, a little bubble lives at the top right of the screen which you can push to activate audio description. How cool is that! So, my wife and I rewatched Season 12, Episode 13 of “Blue Bloods.” We’re huge, I mean monstrous, out of this world fans of the cop drama featuring Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) and his family.

When my wife clicked on the bubble, the show came up and the most conversational narration began. For the first time ever, my wife didn’t have to describe things to me unless I wanted further info than what the narration provided. That only happened once. Otherwise, we just talked about the action while it was going on.

This week, then, I plan on downloading the Paramount Plus app so that I can learn to watch more shows with audio description by myself.

The Blind Abilities podcasts give more information about audio description, tech, and pop culture while their hosts have a lot of fun doing so.

Go to https://blindabilities.com/ and listen to one of the most informative and entertaining podcasts you’ll ever hear. Discussion about audio description begins at the 63 minute mark during the last podcast.

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