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Here at Boldly Blind, we’re all about a can-do posture when it comes to coping with total blindness and varying degrees of partial vision loss. That’s why we promote other sites and podcast that take a similar, go-getter view toward life.

So we come to this week’s feature: Ambiguously Blind. The host, John, interviews people of all stripes who’ve stepped into mainstream society with cane or guide dog at hand. Yes, the subjects vary, which I hope encourages you. Yet, there’s a commonality shared by the athletes, therapists and writers who appear as guests. They’ve all had to learn their new normal and its contours.

Here’s a featured interview that John does with Becky Andrews. She’s a clinical therapist and author. She encourages us to “look up” and see where our life is going to navigate the journey. She tells of her memoir and the people who have come alongside her for encouragement and professional success. Check out this interview here:

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