January is glaucoma awareness month.

This month, we who are blind and those who are sighted observe glaucoma awareness month. One of the biggest tells that you may have this eye condition is high pressure that builds up to the point of causing migraines, blurry vision and a gradual loss of peripheral sight.

While the disease does discriminate between various ethnic groups (see the attached article), many people like myself get it when we’re very young, especially when it is accompanied by another disease. In my case, Coates disease (not communicable, by the way), dedetached my retinas from my optic nerves. In conjunction with cataracts, glaucoma made my eyes feel as if I were weeping jelly between the ages of four to nine.

The preventative measures which the article mentions aren’t cure-alls. They, however, increase the chance of thwarting the full impact glaucoma can have.


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